Zone Access Technologies Raises $0.5 Million Recently

Zone Access Technologies, a low cost broadband for buildings receives $500,000 in a recent round of funding.

As worldwide users and data are growing, the carriers such as Verizon and AT&T are being forced to move data service from cell towers to in-building cell systems. This is mainly to provide an uninterrupted service to users.


With the growing mobile users, almost all the network carriers try to reach more areas with their service which is done by cell towers and as the distance from the tower increases, we encounter interrupted services. It doesn’t just cause frustration but in many cases, loss of important data as well.

This is where Zone Access Technologies create value for both the telcos and the user. The in building system is a scalable, turnkey system network that solves the in-building cell coverage problem.

For a common man, it’s a WiFi, but for mobile cell service. The system once installed, self-configures and automatically optimizes signals. It simultaneously supports 3G and 4G from one or more mobile networks based on your needs.


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