Why Cold Storage Roof System Has to Be Exceptional!

If your business requires cold storage in any capacity, i.e. a warehouse, factory,, or a retail outlet, it is important to consider the dynamics of that particular location before starting any operations. One of the most important factor is roofing. For instance, the roof, in general, is meant for keeping the property dry from adverse weather conditions and safe from any outside hindrance.

However, when it is about cold storage roofing, having these are not enough. One key component that is the requirement of cold-storage roofing is the vapor-tight roofing. Also, a roof that is energy efficient makes the best part of the entire paneling and roofing of cold storage.

While designing a cold storage, there are a plethora of things that are the basic requirement of the cold storage like the types of equipment, the entry area, flooring designs etc. However, if the roof is not adequate then the purpose of the cold storage, in the long run, cannot be attained.

Following are the four elements that one needs to take care of whilst installing a roof for the cold storage:

  • The type or the kind of roof
  • The connectivity of the roofs, the walls, and the floor
  • Insulation machinery
  • The installation process of the roof

Furthermore, let us understand deeper, why these are needed and how they can enhance the overall look and performance of the roof in a cold storage:

1- Flat Roof Ply Installation:

The three options that are available as a roof installation choice are:

  • Built-up Roofs
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Single-Ply Roofs

The first two categories have a multi-layered installation system which is not that easy to install and maintain. However, the single ply roofing system, on the other hand, is easier to install. The installation process is quick, safe, and efficient. This just does not act a waterproof roofing system but also acts as a great bottleneck for vapors.

Therefore, for a cold storage building, single ply is a great choice amongst all the options available. Also, these come in various types according to the durability and the requirement of a particular cold storage. For installing the best option with ease Building Automaton & Factory Automation | Primus Builders can aid you with utmost efficiency.

2- The Thermal Coating:

Remember, it is not just about the quality of the roof that matters. Another aspect that makes a huge difference in either making or breaking the operational cost of the cold storage is the connectivity of the roof with the entire building. Make certain, that the roof system has a proper metal panel installed to make it a vapor tight refrigerated building, as inappropriate vapor seals can lead to leaks which may build up the moisture in the cold storage. We all know that moisture is like a parasite for refrigerated buildings.

3- Appropriate Insulation System:

The type of the roof that you have used is apt, the installation process is great, and the thermal coating is also working fine, however, the insulation system is not as good as what it was supposed to be. Everything eventually boils down to the insulation system as heat loss or gain effects the overall working of the building.

Remember, all will work great when the quality of installation is as good as the roofing system.

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