When to Hire First Employee for Your Small Scale Bakery?

Starting a small scale bakery or a cake & flower shop can be a lucrative business opportunity, but if you are on tight budget, you must develop your bakery business plan carefully and know all the possible ways to cut the costs.

If you are starting it from home, you probably won’t need to hire employees in the beginning. Or even for a small scale bakery that is operating in the heart of the city, you may not require any full-time employee in the initial. But yes, when the orders pile up and you need more hands in the kitchen, you’ll have to make your first hire.

Let me tell you honestly, that hiring too many people right from the beginning may compromise the taste or quality of the products, but as you step ahead step by step, you just make a standard operating procedure for all the baking and packaging and hire people to follow those procedures. This way, you do not compromise the taste and quality while benchmarking becomes easier too.

Moreover, you should not hire anyone immediately, rather think about various possibilities, i.e. ask them, why you should hire them and shortlist the candidates that better tells you the answer. Also, put new hires on a probation period of three to six months. It is important, because with the growing business, you must have to make sure that they are trustworthy and have the capability to learn.

To run your bakery efficiently while it is in the growth stage, you must delegate the way you want your business to run, especially how you want the items to be baked. Never compromise on the quality and make sure your employees and new hires know this very clearly.

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