What Makes Tennessee Ideal for Small Business

The state of Tennessee is the best place for entrepreneurs with no personal tax, fast growing small industries, having skilled and educated workforce. The state is doing good to make it the best place in the Southeast region of the United States to start and grow your business.  So, now let me explain in detail what makes Tennessee ideal for small businesses.

Taxes and regulations:

As compared to other states, Tennessee tax and regulatory burdens are very nominal, that’s the reason a lot number of small business entrepreneurs are attracted to the state. Sole proprietor and other entrepreneurs don’t have to pay salary and wage taxes.

Educated and skilled workforce:

The workforce of Tennessee is going through a great change. As per the need of the modern industry, more technical and educated workers are needed to move the state economy, that’s the reason state is doing a lot to overcome this issue and special job training programs are organized within the state. The state has taken an ambitious initiative to educate 55% of the worker with college degree or certificate.

Profitable industries:

Automobile manufacturing and health care services is leading the economy of the Tennessee. But entertainment industry along with the music industry also had long roots in the history of the state, which still had a good place in the economy. Tourism industry had more clench in the metropolitan areas of Chattanooga and Memphis. Technology industry is also making its marks in the metropolitan areas.

Now let’s talk about the best places to start a business in Tennessee.

1- Alcoa

Locate 12 miles to the south of Knoxville has an average of 10 businesses per 100 tenants. The city was actually a town built by the Aluminum Company of America for its workers, known as Alcoa inc.

2- Pigeon Forge

Located five miles from Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the main industry of the city is tourism.

3- Crossville

Known as “the golf capital of Tennessee”, the city tourism destinations are museums, county playhouse and shopping.

4- Lebanon

There are around 13 businesses per 100 inhabitants. Major industries include restaurants, suppliers, and distributions.

5- Franklin

The largest city of the state, having the most businesses mostly  health care and automobile manufacturing.

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