The Design Process: Residential Building vs Commercial Buildings

The designing & construction of the commercial & residential buildings are very different for various reasons as they have their own characteristics. The designing of residential & commercial properties are different because of their unique dimensions and outer structure. Also, both kinds of buildings have their own defining spaces & regulations.

It is a huge misconception that every architecture is the same, especially for commercial and residential properties. A commercial builder can only build factories and offices whereas a residential builder can only body houses and apartments.

Even if the design is a bit similar, there are various different techniques & methods to be used while constructing commercial & residential properties. Following are the different architecture designs between residential & commercial buildings.

Commercial Buildings

A commercial property is one which deals with the commercial activities such as banking, buying/selling of goods, insurance etc. The design of the residential or commercial property is hugely based on the need of the client/customer. The design of the building depends as per the need and desires of the client. Clients dealing with commercial properties are mostly business owners, companies or industries.

A lot of planning goes into before the build of commercial properties as they have a much large scale compared to residential properties. Commercial properties need large defining spaces as they require large roof construction, more plumbing, more square feet, large beams & many windows. The constructor needs to make sure the commercial property reflects the functionality and image of the company.

The architecture and design will have various alignments depending on whether the design is for a mall, school, shop or a bank. Storerooms or meeting rooms are some common things which a commercial property should always have. Apart from corporate offices – malls, hospitals, theatres will require a level of designing that can do justice to the need of the building.

Residential buildings

Residential properties are designed by keeping in mind that these properties will be used by individuals and families. The requirement of space depends on the individual whether he needs more space or not. Apart from space, basic requirements like storeroom, kitchen, bathroom etc are essential. A residential builder can construct anything from a small apartment to a luxurious home. Much of the commercial construction is concrete & steel whereas the residential property is usually wood framed. A residential builder only constructs the property whereas the architect is the one who designs the project. One can simply opt for design-build projects by visiting as they offer faster completion of the project with better efficiency. They learn about your needs, budget, and schedule and work accordingly.

A person invests much of his life savings in the construction of his house so it is crucial to make sure everything goes perfectly from building storerooms and basements to plumbing & electricity. Residential properties are meant to be comfortable. One major difference between commercial and residential properties that many people overlook is the fact that there are a lot more emotions involved when building residential properties whereas for commercial properties, it’s just another job.

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