Swift Navigation Raises $11M For Piksi, the Low Cost GPS Receiver

Swift Navigation Inc. has recently raised $11 million in Series A funding  round lead by Eclipse Ventures. Other  investors include Lemnos Labs, Promus Ventures and New Enterprise Associates.

The money is raised for global positioning systems technology Piksi which is a low-cost, high-accuracy GPS receiver with Real Time Kinematics (RTK). Piski is designed for integration into your system and the Piksi OEM provides high accuracy for a range of applications. The other features include Centimeter-level accuracy, Open source software, Fast solution output rate (50hz) and best-in-class power consumption (0.5W).


The San Francisco-based Swift wants to enable the next generation of drones, driverless cars and other robotics to navigate the world precisely, according to Chief Executive and founder Timothy M. Harris.

The above discusses GPS system Piksi receiver and proprietary software that it says is low cost will be available under $500 per unit, and 100 times more precise than the standard GPS technology used in most mobile devices today.

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