Starting Up as Startup Advisor in Chicago

When it comes to discussing starting a new business in a big city like Chicago, consulting services have a great potential. The fact is that consultancy business can be really profitable in big cities like Chicago.

The reason for predicted success is mainly because such type of businesses have very less setup costs, you can start from home, no need of physical office and so on….

By now you may have explored tons of small business ideas for Chicago, but you think, a physical business is not your thing may be because you cannot afford the investment or else you may not want to go out of your comfort zone before you see a growth potential. Being a startup advisor in that case can be really good idea.


It’s much in demand, because every day new startups are launched and everyone wants to have a success story which very difficult without consulting a business advisor.

Just tailor your expertise into a customized package that meets the need of local and international startups. The business may offer startup legal advisory, startup marketing consulting, startup funding consultancy or by taking more experts onboard you can offer everything at one place!

Starting up an advisory business in a group can be a better idea than starting alone; your partners can bring more clients than you alone can.

So, if you’re eager to step into startup advisory in Chicago; check out these resources.

How to become a startup advisor.

5 tips for building a killer consulting business.

Chicago small business setup tool kit.

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