Sony Sold More Than 30 Million PlayStation 4 Consoles Worldwide

Last week Sony announced that it has sold more than 30.2 million units of Playstation 4 worldwide, making it the “fastest and strongest” growing product in the PlayStation family.

Keeping in mind that PlayStation 4 was launched in November 2013, and within two quick years, the PS4 has experienced steady growth. Right in April 2014 (just 6 months after the launch) Sony announced that it sold 7 million units, and in January 2015, that number has climbed to 18.5 million.

The growth from April 2014 to January 2015 was though a bit slower than the first one, however, it still made big numbers.


The latest announcement from Sony comes after a significant price drop for the PS4 in October this year and also close to the time for Black Friday whereby Sony offered an Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection PS4 bundle for $299.

Microsoft’s Xbox had a similar deal for this Black Friday, but it seems Sony is going to take an edge because Microsoft last announced an Xbox One sales number last November, claiming it sold 10 million units and we’re damn sure, it’s not going to cross those 30.2 million at least.

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