Pat McGrath’s New Product Phantom 002 is Out in the Market

If you have already made your holiday shopping list, then it is the time to tweak it a bit as Pat McGrath’s Labs has launched its new beauty product Phantom 002 today on its website.

Phantom 002 is an 8 piece kit which is considered as a successor of Gold 001. Like other products of the family including Blue 002, Copper 002 and Gold 002, this product can also be used for a plethora of purposes.


The new product has a bold accent to any look and is ideal for usage along with Flat brush 002 or Blender brush 002. Pat McGrath Labs has modestly priced its new launch at $240.

McGrath is widely known for its appealing range of makeup products and intensive use of material. The metallic makeup magic will surely smear your skin and provide magpie properties. The product must be sold out by the time you will read this news.

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