PAGEOY; High-Speed Page Creation with 360° Distribution

The Problem: Creating interactive and creative pages by beyond the boundaries of templates.

Creating and distributing interactive pages for the web is something that most of the business professionals and startups need. But as it requires coding or html experience from page creators, either they end up doing nothing or else spend lot of money for small tasks.

The available page creation services do not offer much freedom to the user and they are bound to use same old templates which thousands of others have already used. This limits the creativity within boundaries of templates!

 The Solution: PAGEOY a High-speed page publishing and distribution software as service, without the need for coding or HTML


PAGEOY allows anyone to quickly combine words, images, videos, URL links and e-commerce to create unique, magazine-quality pages for the web that can be effortlessly published, distributed and tracked for their engagement – all without the need for coding or HTML. Pages display beautifully on every device and can even be used as a website. Deep analytics track engagement. The integrated email system provides a full-featured, email marketing solution.

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