Low Cost Marketing for a Startup; How is it Possible?

One of the biggest issue while starting up a new business is the budget divisions into various subfields. Of course the product’s manufacturing and quality assurance is very important but having enough funds for marketing the product is also very pivotal!

Great marketing is a requirement, but not every startup has big budget to do so.

You might have been looking around for the average advertising budget for small business and not to a big surprise, low cost marketing is the most appealing option, but the problem is to know how exactly to do low cost marketing which actually brings results!

You should primarily be focusing on social media marketing as it is one of the most effective means. Its affordable, easy to manage and basically all of your target audience is at one place. Use the social platforms wisely and effectively.


Focus on optimizing your website for search engines. Have a forum for catering queries regarding your product or simply blog to keep your customers up to date. You could also cosponsor an event, i.e. sponsoring drinks or snacks etc, from where you can get some hefty number of customers. Going old school with banners and flyers won’t be a bad idea as well.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that a new startup should devote approximately between 20 and 30 percent of their total annual budget to advertising and marketing during.

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