Interior & Exterior Painting; a Profitable Business in Detroit

Detroit is a city full of opportunities for people willing to start up their own business. If you which to start your own small business there, there are many small business ideas for Detroit you might have considered.

Aiming to start a small independent business sound like risky idea but in reality, the smaller size of your business can save you from a lot of troubles. House painting can be a perfect small business for you. Not just it requires less initial investment but there is relatively less tedious work as well.

Every now and then some house, office or a restaurant needs to be painted. The initial investment includes basically just some brushes, ladders, rollers and other stuff. Make sure you market your business well enough to give the customers a reason to hire you.


To help you out in selecting colors for different walls and which one might look best, there are many apps out there in the market you could use to have a better idea.

Have reasonable rates to attract customer in the start. You may definitely need the skills and having an aesthetic sense will earn you plus points. Along with that you can also offer to decorate the walls accordingly earning some extra money.


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