Increase Conversion Rate & Sell More with RoboNegotiator

If you are into selling something online, your major goal is to sell more! Too often, when an online business plans to sell more, the first thing they do is to try to increase the website traffic; after all the more visitors means more customers.. Right?  Well, that’s not the only and a profitable choice.

Increasing the conversion rate from your current traffic is a relatively smarter, and more profitable choice. Yes, you can always work on increasing traffic when you have a higher conversion rate for higher profits within limited marketing budget.

When it comes to increasing conversion rate, you may find tons of articles discussing various methods, i.e. landing page optimization, AB testing etc, but I will discuss an easier, smoother and low-cost option which is RoboNegotiator TM.

RoboNegotiator is a software based service that connects buyers and sellers anonymously to close special price deals via neutral negotiations if required. With secured APIs, it can be integrated to any website or a mobile app, and it works in parallel to your eCommerce platform. Having RoboNegotiator integrated in your eCommerce website or app, you do not need to shed that 20-30% commission to those giant eCommerce resellers.

All you need to to do is to upload a deal in RoboNegotiator (lowest price you are ready to sell at). Customers can make an offer and RoboNegotiator does all the matching and initiates negotiation if their offers are close to your set price. The deal is closed only when both the parties agree.

With RoboNegotiator integrated in your your business website you get connected to the serious buyers instantly and can start reducing your inventory. All you need is enticing deals for customers to initiate the communication the way DealReferee recently did. You also get additional analytics around your products’ price points and a whole new sales channel in form of RoboNegotiator’s own portal which you can use to further enhance the performance of your sales strategy.

With RoboNegotiator option in your catalog, consumer gets a new choice to give you feedback instead of walking away from the site. Visit for demo or more information.

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