How to Choose an Industrial Refrigeration System for Your Business

A high-quality and affordable commercial refrigeration system is an essential element of a successful food storage or processing business. Whether you’re a supermarket, a producer, a wholesaler, a grocery chain or a restaurant, your business requires an efficient and robust cold storage system to protect products against spoilage.

Here are five factors that should be a key part of your decision-making process when buying a refrigeration or freezing system.

Size of your business

Inarguably, the refrigeration needs of a local grocery store would be vastly different from those of a small business producing frozen snacks. Similarly, an ice cream manufacturer or distributor will need a different level of refrigeration compared to a supermarket.

To buy cold storage of the right size, you need to consider a number of factors, such as the estimated space needed to store products, the amount of space you have available to place the refrigeration equipment, and your budget.

Energy consumption

Industrial refrigeration systems run 24×7 and therefore consume a lot of energy. With electricity becoming costlier, it is important to check if the system you intend to purchase is energy-efficient and will help you make significant energy savings over time.

Do note that energy-efficient equipment usually costs more, but it’s worth the extra cost if it will help you save money on energy bills over the years.

Convenience of using the system

Is the system you’re planning to install easy to use? Will your employees require special training before using the equipment? Is it simple enough to be operated without much ado? Will it require frequent service and maintenance? Is it well-suited to your storage needs? Is it easy to clean? Is it too complex or large or expensive for the size or scale of your operations?

Take the time to find answers to these questions and more before making a decision.

Quality of the cold storage equipment

While there are plenty of cheap options available on the market, it is advisable not to cut corners when buying fridges and freezers for your business. Low-quality equipment will not only have a short life, it will cost you dearly in terms of repair and maintenance. Moreover, you will never be sure if your food products are safe enough to be served to customers.

Look at purchasing an industrial refrigeration system as an investment, do your research and make an informed decision by choosing a company that has the expertise and experience in serving your business niche. For instance, refrigeration experts employ the latest commercial refrigeration technology to create superior cooling equipment that’s energy-efficient, economical and reliable.


Type of storage

The type of fridge and/or freezer you’ll need depends on the type of business you’re in. For instance, a supermarket will need more of display refrigerators and small freezers while a food manufacturer or distributor will require larger storage such as walk-in freezers.

Note that style, ease of use and design are important factors when buying in-store fridges and freezers for use by end consumers.

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