How Much Plagiarized Content Can Harm Your Business Website?

Plagiarism is a malpractice of stealing other’s language, thoughts, ideas, expressions or works illegally and passing them as one’s own. In other words, it can be called as duplicate content. Plagiarized content is very much harmful to your website

When you create a business website or blog, never try to add any copied content from other sites. Plagiarism is against the rules of Web Copyright Law and you are not allowed to use any content on your site from other sites. When visitors notice substantially the same content repeated within a set of search results, they feel bothered. That is why Google has some steps against it.

So, make sure that the contents of your website must be 100% unique. Otherwise, your website may be banned.

Plagiarized content lowers the website ranking. If plagiarized content is discovered on your website, search engines penalize plagiarized content by lowering your website rank. In search engines, if you search your website, you will see it taking its position backward. When this becomes severe enough, search engines may remove your website from search results. In this case, the site will no longer appear in the search results.

Google has an announcement of rewarding the sites of quality content and at the same time slapping the sites of stolen content. Bing and Yahoo go to the same path. If plagiarized content is found, Bing and Yahoo penalize the site in the same way. If you steal any interesting content from other sites, it may be a good source of amusement. But it will not bring any good result in the search box of Google, Yahoo or Bing. Rather, it will harm your site. If you are serious about driving more traffic to your site and improving the search ranking of your site, you must be serious about creating unique content on a continuous basis. If you are very busy, you may hire other expert people who will create unique content for you. There is no alternative to creating and putting original content on your site.

At first, thoroughly check out your entire website content. Make sure that nothing is left unseen. If you find any duplicate content in your website, don’t make delay to remove it. You may take the assistance of any tool that can check plagiarism such as ‘Plagiarism Checker’ or ‘Article Checker’. This type of tool can find out plagiarized content and if you have time in your hand, you yourself can remove the content that the tool suggests as plagiarized. If your site is very large, you may consider a paid service from providers such as ‘Copyscape’ or ‘Plagiarisma’. These type of tool will cost you. But in return, your site will remain healthy.

Some of the best online plagiarism checking tools given below:

However, making the site by copied content or plagiarized content is the habit of such site makers who have no expert skills in creating original content on their sites or blogs. Make sure that if you build any site, you must fill it up with unique content. Otherwise, your website will provide no positive result.

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