How Much Does it Cost to Start a Dry Cleaning Business from Home?

To run a startup or small business, you do not necessarily need a high tech- business idea. A small idea that solves a common problem can be a big success, for instance, clothing needs to be cleaned regularly and a home based dry cleaning service can make good money.

As there is constant demand for laundry and dry cleaning services, entrepreneurs venturing into these businesses will have sure shot demand. A good laundry and dry cleaning business plan is a must, so you have vital insights on the resources and permission required and tentative costs involved in setting up a dry cleaning business.

Please, note that dry cleaning machine is the biggest investment in this business, which costs $5000 to $40000, depending upon the brand and features. However, a little research can help you find a good dry cleaning machine under $10000. Moreover, you need to spend on licensing and permits which varies from state to state.

Since, you are starting it from home, you will save a lot of money which you would have otherwise spent on hiring or leasing a commercial space.

The next come, overhead costs which includes electricity, water supply, materials, marketing cost and staff (surely, you will need at least one).

Also, if you are starting a dry cleaning business at home you need to ensure that the power and water supply in your house is sufficient enough to cater to the laundry business requirement, otherwise you may lose on valuable business.  Competent staff is a must and after evaluating your staffing needs you need to consider their pay scales. Licensing cost will also form part of your budgeting and will vary from state to state.

Financing is a suggested option as it will help you to reduce the burden of initial investment. However, the impact of rate of interests should be considered while preparing your dry cleaning business plan.

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