How Email Marketing Automation Can Take Your Startup to the Next Level

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies as the ROI on email marketing is higher than any other mode of digital marketing. However, it’s not just about sending out email blasts and sit back to see the results. Email marketing is rather a complete art in itself and you need to have a foolproof strategy to acquire targeted subscribers and keep them engaged in positive way.

Email marketing automation in this context is a must, especially for startups and small businesses it’s crucial to have a well-defined email marketing automation process in the plan. Most of the email marketing tools for startups do offer a variety of automation options.

Unlike newsletters and one-off campaigns that you create and send to a whole list of people in one go, an automated email campaign is set up once and then automatically sent to a particular individual when that person meets a certain trigger, for instance sending out a welcome email on signup, when they make an inquiry, when they download a product or keep an item in wish list etc.

It would be a huge waste of your time to manually create and send an email to individuals separately in these particular cases. Email automation allows you to set up the email once and then as more people continue to meet the trigger you defined, the email will continue to be sent to them without you ever having to lift a finger.

It basically ‘automates’ your marketing for you and you can create a multiplier effect for your marketing efforts using this strategy. For instance.

  • Welcome new subscribers with smaller conversion actions like telling them about special subscriber-only offers.
  • Promote your free trials in welcome emails and if user has not grabbed the free trial, send automated follow-ups!
  • Increase website page views and time spent on site by telling them some basic information about their account they’ll need moving forward, such as their login URL and email address, profile update and so on.
  • Gather product feedback through automated emails.
  • Inform your customers of upcoming expirations and renew subscriptions on time or save more by renewing earlier.
  • Offer customers a birthday surprise with special discount.
  • Send appointment reminders to customers.
  • Nurture your leads by setting up a series of lead nurturing emails.
  • Promote your new blog posts.
  • Create an email course.
  • Promote your event through automated emails.

There’s a lot more that you can do with automated emails. These kind of email campaigns can be set up quickly and easily and do not cost you anything extra if you’re already using a good email marketing software!

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