Home Based Daycare; a Low Cost Small Business Idea for Seattle

Seattle is a busy place, with people running round and about for their jobs and various tasks. In such cases some parents have a huge issue, where to leave their children so that they are being constantly looked after in a homelike environment even if they’re not with them?

If you’re a Seattle resident and interested in opening up some small business then you surely would have searched about some small business ideas for Seattle.

If you possess an undying love and affection for little kids, opening up a day care center can be a marvelous idea as a small business. This business can make you fortunes if you manage to build your reputation up!

Don’t just worry about the startup costs, you can start it right from your home even and once you see it generating good profit, you can always think of expanding it to a better location.


Assess that the need for child care center is more in your area or a little further away from your community. Depending upon the that decide whether you will operate a home-based or center-based child-care business.

Whatever you choose, just get down to it and get yourself licensed. Work out the rules and regulations and many other trivial things. For instance, would you be providing food or the parents have to send food along. What would be the timing and age limit for enrollment in your day care center. Would you be hiring people or not etc.

Keeping in mind health and safety, develop emergency procedures plans for accident and illness prevention.

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