Flowers & Cake Shop; a Combo Small Business Idea for Los Angeles

Wouldn’t you agree on this very fact that cupcakes and flowers makes the simplest and most delightful gift? Now imagine yourself to be the reason behind that delight.

If you haven’t thought much about it, give it a thought because you could be starting up your own bakery and flower shop!

If you’re in Los Angeles, this small business idea could be a very constructive one. All you would be needing is some place to set up your shop, some good baker and a person to look after and you’re good to go!

You might have considered some business ideas for Los Angeles and found food to be on almost every other list. If you do not want to start a full time business in food, making a restaurant, you could always look forward to a bakery. Besides, many people prefer bakery items in their daily diet.


Flowers are not only needed on birthdays, there are many other occasions where flowers are appreciated and loved. If you provide your customers with fresh flowers, chances are you’re going to have loads of customers.

Of course, the options for expanding your business towards making desserts or providing home delivery services for flower bouquets could always prove to be beneficial.

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