Flipgram Doubles the Flip Time; Create 60-Second Flips Now

Flipgram which started off as an app to create slide shows that can be shared across various services like Instagram, Facebook and others has now doubled its slide show timeline to a minute against 30 seconds earlier.

This has come as great news for Flipgram users who have now crossed the 30 million mark. The app has been constantly ranked in top 100 apps at the Google store.

Flipgram has become a successful add-on to Instagram and Facebook, attracting eyeballs of celebs to keep in touch with their fan base.


Besides it has become a great platform for individuals to show their talents to people around the world. Like YouTube and other video sharing services stars are emerging from this platform too.

Flipgram aims to integrate the creators of Flipgram to the musicians. It is also working on a revenue models in which the creators or musicians will get paid some cents for every view just like the case of Youtube videos, thereby providing the user a chance to earn some handsome money.

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