Facebook & B2B; They Can Go Together If You Have a Strategy!

There are over 1.7 billion monthly active Facebook users all over the globe. Although the majority sees this as just a social platform and many have a misconception that Facebook isn’t for B2B lead generation. On the contrary those aware of effective Facebook usage do see it as a huge platform for their business marketing.

You might have Googled various b2b lead generation strategies but creating a professional looking Facebook page for your business promotion doesn’t just prove to be ultimately very fruitful but requires comparatively less effort too.

Chances are you would be flying high, if your page is well maintained i.e. regular bi-weekly based posts which doesn’t just beg people to buy your products but constructively intriguing them in your business or products.


Asking people to fill out forms might be a very direct and dull approach but scheming their keen interest by indirect lead generation ideas such as photos or trending visual content etc and then willingly making them fill out forms would certainly generate effective lead. For traffic you could also run adds or promote your page on Facebook itself but the best option could be free giveaways!

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