Email Marketing Automation; a Must Have for B2B Startups

Email marketing is one of the few online marketing techniques that has stood the test of time and still works better than many other methods. In fact, it still trumps the top spot on many B2B marketer’s lists of B2B lead generation strategies.

Email Marketing where it has undergone various technological advancements is on a constant move to improve ROI, so to keep your email marketing efforts more yielding you must keep up with the trends.

One of the biggest trends in email marketing at the moment, that has generated great results for many B2B businesses, is marketing automation whereby effectively hybrid email marketing tools that connect with your CRM to enable you to automatically send highly targeted emails to leads that are personalized specifically to them.

How Marketing Automation Proved Success?

Thomson Reuters upgraded to a marketing automation solution, and know what? Their revenue increased by 172%. Another example is a small company that Tyler New Media that increased their revenue by 556%. (going from $80,000 in debt to $2 million in revenue) in just three years.

While traditional newsletters and email marketing are still important, the ability to capture more data on users and use behavioural-triggers are on increasing trend. It’s because the technology is reshaping the user behaviors and especially in case of B2B clients, this behavioral shift is very fast.

Learning more about B2B email marketing is a great way, but at times, you may need advice from local B2B marketers, especially in case of a localized product!


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