Chess Training Startup Chessable Raises £100,000 in First Round

Chessable, an e-learning platform for chess enthusiasts has recently raised about £100,000 ($122.95k) in the first round of funding through angel investors. The huge investment will surely take the platform to the next level, both in terms of technology and to grow the user base.

Founded by an educational psychology and video games specialist David Kramaley and the international chess master John Bartholomew, Chessable is an exceptional platform of its own kind. The platform claims to boost chess players’ skills up to master level with their neuroscience-based training technique, and in fact, it does so.

I am a chess fan myself, but couldn’t be a good player, so I took some time to explore the platform in detail and found it interestingly amazing.

Chess is a game that can have millions and millions of moves and learning new techniques can be time-consuming and exhausting at any level of expertise. Chessable’s neuroscience-bases training helps players learn precise moves quickly and in a way that sticks.

With and easy signup option at Chessable you can access to an expanding library of original free and paid digital chess books and videos produced by professional players.

Moreover, the abundance of free content is a great way to boost your skills. Even the paid content is very inexpensive as compared to other traditional training methods.

So, if you’re a chess fan, a beginner or even a professional chess player who wants to improve skills, Chessable is a must try. All you need to have is an email address to sign up and love for learning chess or getting better at it. And yes, the site is equally responsive in almost all mobile browsers, so you can learn chess on the go.

Whether you’re traveling or having some free time, make the best use of your time with Chessable; sharpen your mind, improve skills and have fun!


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