Chess Training Startup Chessable Raises £100,000 in First Round

Chessable, an e-learning platform for chess enthusiasts has recently raised about £100,000 ($122.95k) in the first round of funding through angel investors. The huge investment will surely take the platform to the next level, both in terms of technology and to grow the user base. Read More

SteamCrate; 10 Awesome Games for a Fraction of the Retail Price

The Problem: Game developers are depressed and demotivated, while the gamer is bored!

With 125 million active gamers and an average of 6.5 million concurrent users within 48 hours, Steam is the biggest platform for PC gamers. But thousands of amazing games remain unnoticed, just because the big players take the market. Read More

Bracket Announces SMS Update on Their Clinical Trial Platform

Bracket, which is mainly into clinical trials, has recently announced an updated to its Randomization and Trail Supply Management products. As per the core component of Bracket’s RTSM 4.0 platform, patients will now be able to get reminders via SMSs. Read More

Xiaomi’s Secret New Product Is Creating a Hype

Xiaomi’s announcement of launching a new product on last Tuesday has caught enough eyeballs. The company has also announced several other customized offers to boost sales for Christmas across various countries.

The Chinese company is currently showing a teaser of the secret new product on its website. There are rumors that this new product maybe Redmi Note 2 Prime, however the company sources refuse to comment on the same. Read More

Pat McGrath’s New Product Phantom 002 is Out in the Market

If you have already made your holiday shopping list, then it is the time to tweak it a bit as Pat McGrath’s Labs has launched its new beauty product Phantom 002 today on its website.

Phantom 002 is an 8 piece kit which is considered as a successor of Gold 001. Like other products of the family including Blue 002, Copper 002 and Gold 002, this product can also be used for a plethora of purposes. Read More

Flipgram Doubles the Flip Time; Create 60-Second Flips Now

Flipgram which started off as an app to create slide shows that can be shared across various services like Instagram, Facebook and others has now doubled its slide show timeline to a minute against 30 seconds earlier.

This has come as great news for Flipgram users who have now crossed the 30 million mark. The app has been constantly ranked in top 100 apps at the Google store. Read More

Facebook Launches Live Video Streaming Feature for iPhone Users in the US

Four months earlier, Facebook introduced live video streaming for celebrities and other high-profile users and now the test drive is expanding further to the regular users.

Initially, Facebook’s Live Video feature is now available for testing by “a small percentage” of U.S. iPhone users, as per official statement from the company. Read More

Sony Sold More Than 30 Million PlayStation 4 Consoles Worldwide

Last week Sony announced that it has sold more than 30.2 million units of Playstation 4 worldwide, making it the “fastest and strongest” growing product in the PlayStation family.

Keeping in mind that PlayStation 4 was launched in November 2013, and within two quick years, the PS4 has experienced steady growth. Right in April 2014 (just 6 months after the launch) Sony announced that it sold 7 million units, and in January 2015, that number has climbed to 18.5 million. Read More

Monclarity Raises 5M & Launches Brainwell; The Brain Training App

Monclarity, a company formed by world-renowned neuropsychologist and neuroscientist Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg and technology visionary and game creator Anatoly Tikhman, today launched Brainwell, a comprehensive brain training application.

The app is available on iOS, Kindle, Android and of course on the web! Read More