Babysitting; Quick Part Time Small Business Idea for Students in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is a busy city, just like all other big cities. With people running round and about for their jobs and various tasks, leaves the parents with a delicate issue at hand. Who would look after their children when they are not around?

If you’re a student and have been looking for some part time job or business, you might have explored tons of lists for small business ideas for Charlotte, but you are concerned that you are not sure whether you can turn that part time business into full time or not!

Well, one of the best option for students who are finding ways to earn money while keeping the future growth in mind, is to start babysitting. If you possess an undying love and affection for little kids, starting babysitting as a small business would not be a bad idea at all.

It doesn’t require any investments at all. All you need is to find the people who require your services. There would be certainly many parents who would want their little ones to be looked after on regular basis or on special occasions.

Think about some games that would help you keep the little ones busy. Do work out the rules and regulations and other trivial things. For instance, would you be cooking food or the parents have to prepare food beforehand. What would be the charging criteria? Kids of what age would you look after etc.


Keep in mind the health and safety, and thoroughly think over the emergency plans in case of accidents.

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And if you finally decide to pursue it in long term, especially when you have lot of clients, you may get other students onboard and expand your services. In that case, you must go through proper business setup procedure. Check out the links below for more details:

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