Are You Also Making These SEO Mistakes?

Does this sound a tad familiar to you? You have laid fair enough focus on your SEO strategies to enhance the traffic directed to your website. You have optimized your link building and keyword strategy to draw in more footfall, courtesy better search results from Google, Yahoo or Bing. You are looking forward to getting the best possible results for your keyword research strategy. Flushed with opportunity, you have optimized the broader reaches of your business portal and are expecting lots of new links to escalate your ride on search result rankings – obviously to the top of the charts.

Even after working in these facets of SEO for months you end up getting little or nothing in return. You may have moved up slowly and steadily in the eyes of search engines but are yet to reach the first page. This is where you throw your thinking cap down and mutter “What’s going wrong?” If you are right here in this boat then relax.

You are not alone. There are thousands of other SEO strategists (like you) out there who have no clue with regards to the failure of their efforts. Fortunately, as you are still riding the learning curve, a bit of tweaking here and there will set you back on track. You would probably need just a few adjustments to gain the coveted first page ranking.

Given below are some common SEO mistakes that you may need to correct in your pursuit for good results:

1- Not Using Analytics: SEO is not only related to getting more free traffic. It also concerns conversion. The lack of high-traffic, super competitive keywords may lead to lower conversions even though you may have a roaring traffic to your credit. The sound usage of analytics package would help you track down your conversion rate and use better optimization skills for getting better results.
2- Non-optimization for local search: Prior and adequate knowledge about local search would help you get access to customers located within a certain region or city. Quite different from the management of global SEO tactics, the inclusion of region-specific keywords in meta descriptions, title, headings, subheadings and other crucial parts of content would lead to better local search results for your website.
3- Not using the best keywords: Using the wrong keywords can place you in an awkward position online. Why would you use global keywords when your business is catering to local clients only? More so, the inclusion of non-specific keywords may bring your site in front of the wrong people who would rather look elsewhere for their goods and services.

It’s essential to be as compact and specific as possible to get your website optimized for good results in terms of link building, higher traffic and better overall returns. This SEO mistake on your homepage can bring in less qualified traffic that may render your SEO efforts worthless. Are you ready to join the bandwagon and make the most of all SEO tactics up your sleeve? Just steer clear of all SEO mistakes that can come your way and you shall emerge a winner.

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