AlienVault Eyes Towards IPO with Successful $52M Round

AlienVault; the hybrid threat management solutions platform which is combined with a crowd-sourced threat intelligence platform has recently announced a $52 million investment round.

AlienVault with 24,000 registered users and 2,200 paying customers is making buzz around. The number of active customers is reported to be  increasing 300-400 customers every quarter. So, there’s nothing to speculate why the investors chose the company. Of course, the fast pace growth is enough reason for them to take decision!

AlienVault is is though going big with funding, for the founders it’s the beginning to exit, as it’s just about attain the size and scale that a company reaches just prior to an exit, Meftah said. He wouldn’t commit to an IPO or any specific date of course, but the money will help lay the groundwork for it down the road.


“We are scratching the surface of how big we can be. An IPO exit is something we aspire to,” he said.

The fast paced growth, is not just that the marketing and sales guys have outdone, but the company actually hired an experienced Chief Financial Officer recently. So, for those looking to grow in the same way, do care about the financial planning just like all other areas!

Company’s key products include Unified Security Management (USM) and The Open Threat Exchange threat sharing platform. The latter is free and doesn’t require you to be an AlienVault customer.

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