6 Helpful Resources for Writing a Business Plan

If you are a first time entrepreneur, you may already be tired of exploring business plan writing. As a fact of the matter, you do require a business plan even for starting a home based business, because a business plan is not just a document to help getting started, but it is crucial for running a business smoothly.

Well, writing a business plan is not a rocket science if you know your business, market, trends, competitors and you are passionate to take your idea to the next level through a solid strategy. Here are few really awesome reads that I came across and I am sure they will be truly helpful for any first time entrepreneur to write a business plan.

Here goes the list:

The Definitive Guide On How To Write A Business Plan by PandaDoc

The Ultimate Guide to Business Plans by Shopify

Business Plan Writing for Startups by StartupGuys

Step by Step Business Plan Writing by NerdWallet

Business Plan Writing Help by StartupDonut

Business Plan Template by StartupLoans

Writing a business plan is a vital first step when starting a business; and this document is most important later as well, when you need to evaluate your business’s performance. The better business plan you come up with while starting a business, the best will it serve the business throughout the life span of the business.

And, besides achieving the business goals, the business planning process will also help you develop a lot of new skills required for your success, i.e. research, analysis, decision making and most importantly, responding to the situations in a better way.

And yes, a business plan isn’t written once, it it requires periodic updates so you can spot potential pitfalls before they happen.

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