5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Used Furniture for Your Business

When setting up your new office, you will have to decide on the type of furniture you want in the place. And you will have two choices regarding this matter – either buy brand new furniture or get your office used furniture. Below, we look at five reasons why getting used furniture is advantageous for your business.

1- Cheaper

The first obvious benefit of used furniture is that it is a far cheaper option than getting a brand new one. In fact, you will easily be able to find used furniture at just 40% to 50% of its original price. The best part is that most of such pieces are only 3 to 4 years old. And if you do get such a deal, and the furniture itself has been maintained in a tip-top condition, then it is recommended that you choose this option for your office. Plus, if you are starting the business with limited funds, then used furniture will be your only option to preserve as much capital as you can.

2- Vintage Vs Mass-Produced

When you go for vintage furniture, they are often done with intricate carvings, and use some of the best luxury materials. With solid wood and hand tied springs, vintage furniture carries a unique identity that comes only with the dedication and time spent perfecting the masterpieces. Unlike experienced artisans that had hand-crafted the vintage pieces, some of today’s mass-produced furniture carries low quality wood particles and do not last long.

3- Out of Reach Items

Sometimes, you might like a particular furniture model.  But the cost might be too prohibitive for you to purchase it. In such situations, a used model is the only realistic way for you to obtain these out of reach items. So, instead of being disappointed at not being able to afford particular furniture, remember to check in the local refurbished market whether the same model might be available at a highly discounted price.

4- Quick Delivery

If you opt to buy new furniture, then it is likely that they will take a long time to be delivered, at least a few weeks. And you may even have to go through the trouble of assembling the new furniture on your own. But with used furniture, such issues don’t exist. You can get the used furniture fully assembled and delivered straight to your office the very day you make the payment. So, if you are in a hurry to kickstart your operations, then used furniture is best suited for you.

5- Eco Friendly

When your business projects itself as eco-friendly, then you can reaffirm your commitment to the cause by choosing used furniture. By doing so, new trees will not be cut, and the subsequent pollution that would have gone into manufacturing the new furniture could be avoided.


If you are looking for a good supplier of used furniture, get in touch with Facility Services Group. They have been in the field for many years, and are best positioned to help you identify the perfect used furniture for your business.


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