5 Fusion Foods that Can Improve the Revenues of Your Restaurant Business

Food lovers are always on the lookout for new cuisines and dishes that will introduce them to new flavors. The best way to breakdown all the options is to choose food that you really want to try. One of the latest trends in cooking is fusion food. It is a form of combining two different countries into one dish or two regions into one dish and it adds a new twist to the staple food of a country.

A lot of restaurants across the globe are dedicated to fusion food. They feature one fusion dish in a pairing or offer foods that are from a different region completely. Chefs love to experiment with different types of foods and they try fusion foods by blending their old traditional favorite into an exciting new dish. It could be an excellent introduction to a new country and their culinary style. The ones who have always been picky about trying new cuisines should give it a shot. It is the best way to learn about unfamiliar food and about a taste that might please your taste buds.

For those looking to expand their culinary business, take a look at these five dishes which are ideal for for anyone’s taste and can improve your restaurant revenues significantly.

1- Thai Red Curry Risotto

This is a Northern Italian staple dish that carries a traditional Thai flavor. It is made from arborio rice and is a classic Italian dish. It is paired with a range of flavors including mushrooms, butternut squash and seafood. Risotto in itself is not devoid of its own flavor but it has a subtle taste which makes it an ideal accompaniment to stronger flavors. It is blended with a creamy sauce made of red curry paste as well as coconut milk which is traditional to Thailand. A lot of chefs add basil, baby bok choy and sauce to this dish to achieve an authentic Thai flavor.

2- Chicken Katsu Scotch Egg

One can never go wrong with this dish. It is an ideal blend of British classic and Japanese street food. Invented in London in 1700, the scotch egg is prepared by boiling a whole egg and immediately chilled. Once peeled, it is coated in sausage and then fried or baked. When prepared for the purpose of a fusion recipe, a fried chicken cutlet is infused in the Japanese curry sauce and it replaces the exterior of the scotch egg.

3- Brussel Sprout Sushi

When it comes to this dish, you either love it or you hate it. The ones who love sprout will absolutely love this dish. Brussel sprout sushi is a food you can try irrespective of your relationship with the vegetable. The Brussel sprouts are pan fried which gives it a crunchy texture and they are then chopped and enveloped into a traditional sushi roll. It tastes delicious when fried and the nutty and savory texture of the vegetable is balanced out by the subtle flavors of the seaweed and rice. There can be no better way to eat vegetables than this.

4- Beef and Kimchi fried rice

This dish is a combination of Chinese and Korean cuisine. Kimchi is basically a mix of vegetables which are fermented, salted and seasoned. It is a widely consumed dish in Korea. It has a distinct flavor that can be overwhelming at times. The combination of Kimchi with marinated beef balances out the spicy and sour flavors. A whole fried egg with a runny yolk can be included in the dish. It can add a unique flavor to the same.

5- Kung Pao Chicken Tacos

Tacos are a delicious and very popular food across the world. An ideal twist to the traditional taco is a mashup of the Mexican and Chinese cuisine which offers a sweet heat in the place of the spicy and savory flavors. This dish is traditionally prepared by stir frying chicken with vegetables, peanuts and chili peppers. The toppings include celery, bell pepper and green onions which combine perfectly with the tortillas and chicken to provide a mouthwatering dish.

Fusion foods are not completely new but they are increasing in popularity. They bring together different cuisines and different cultures to create a unique flavor for food enthusiasts. This trend is bringing about a change in the traditional food culture and has become increasingly interconnected with people in different countries across the globe. It only makes sense to remain open about our food choices and to try the blend of different dishes or cuisines which are introduced through fusion food.

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