5 British Startups to Watch in 2017

The United Kingdom is certainly the most fertile ground for startups in Europe. A glimpse of the fast growing startups is evident of the dynamic startup ecosystem in Britain. This is why the world wants to keep an eye on British startups and in this connection, we have explored tens of startups based in the United Kingdom to create this list.

Here is our list of five British startups to watch in 2017, because these ideas are really changing the lives of a common man for good!

Splento; a young but fastest growing startup that provides high-quality professional photographers on demand, is gaining much traction this year. Founded in 2015, the platform allows you to book professional photographers in less than a minute and for a cost that is a fraction of the usual cost. You can check the startup health by having a glimpse of clients that it has served, i.e. Bank of America Merrill Lynch, The Royal Family, FinTech Connect, Home Office, WebSummit and the list of big names goes on.

BULLIT; the same day iPhone repair service is going to be the iPhone owners’ first choice when it comes to rapid on-demand iPhone repair. Using the service you can get your iPhone fixed in hours instead of the days. All you need to do is to select your iPhone model that requires repair, select the date and a 2 hours collection slot. A BULLIT rep will collect your device and will deliver it back when it’s repaired. That’s not all, every repair comes with a 30-day warranty and you receive a free courtesy phone too.

Zopa; this one is comparatively an older one (launched in 2005) in the list, but this year it has become world’s first and the largest European peer-to-peer lending service that allows borrowers and lenders to deal directly with each other. Having helped over 230,000 people improve their homes, buy new cars, or just consolidate their debts, the startup is becoming a serious competitor for the banks!

Habito: another financial startup in the list. The company is making buzz as the world’s first digital mortgage broker that uses technology to process mortgage application in simple, honest and transparent way so that you can avail the best mortgage deals. Founded in 2015, the startup has already raised around $9 million in venture capital so far.

Takumi; a B2B startup allowing advertisers, startups brands, and marketing agencies to work with a number of micro-influencers on social media to intensify the outreach of their campaigns. Usually, the influencer social media marketing can be done only if you have a direct contact with the influencers. Takumi bridges that big gap and marketers are simply loving it. The startup has already raised more than $1.4 million in seed funding.

I am confident that the startups listed above are a great source of motivation for all those entrepreneurs and investors interested in the UK market!

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