5 B2B Content Marketing Tips Every Startup Must Follow

Qualified leads are the lifeblood of any B2B company; because, only quality leads take the interest to next level and conversion happens. Moreover, the more qualified lead a B2B business receives, the higher chances are that this lead will bring more referral business!

However, coming up with new ideas for how to increase qualified B2B leads is a big challenge for almost all marketers across all industries. Content marketing is one of the most reliable and authentic ways for businesses to expand the outreach and explore more B2B lead generation ideas.

So, here are few tips from B2B lead generation experts who used content marketing at its optimum to produce results. I’ve gone through various articles and here I am just summing up the core ideas.


1- Create diversity in your content, i.e. your buyers have unique consumption wants and needs, so make sure your content comes in multiple formats, i.e. images, videos, gifs, presentations, articles, eBooks, apps etc.

2- Divide content into various stages, as your buyers are also at varying stages in the purchase journey—make sure you have content that speaks to each stage, so you can accelerate your buyers to close.

3- Use predictive marketing tools and strategies like Account Based Marketing, you can have a more targeted approach to lead generation by honing in on your ideal customer profile.

4- Do not just focus on organic outreach; run paid campaigns in parallel to make sure your content gets real boost and reaches to more targeted audience in a massive market.

5- Never forget to engage your buyers; even if nobody is interested in the beginning, make sure to start engagement using internal resources, i.e. your employees start an artificial engagement, which leads towards a more natural routine!

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