4 Tips on Hiring Cleaning Service for Your Startup or Flourished Business

Keeping the office clean is important for all business, not just to keep the surroundings healthy, but also to look professional. While hiring a personal cleaning staff is one option many business owners might choose, a better one will be to hire a top-notch cleaning service. And if you are wondering how you can know whether a cleaning service is good or not, we list out four things you need to consider when looking for such services.

1- Get Their Client List

If you want to know the quality of a cleaning service, the easiest way to go about is to get their client list. Track the clients and contact them if possible, through phone or mail. Ask them about their experience with the service, and especially see if they have any complaints about the cleaning service. If too many clients have negative opinions about a particular service, then you are better off avoiding it. The service may themselves give written testimonials from the clients. But it is recommended that you take them with a pinch of salt since there is a good chance of such testimonials being completely bogus.

2- Read the Contract

When a service hands you over a contract, read it thoroughly. Don’t just sign it off just because you think they are trustworthy. In fact, a trustable service will insist that you fully read the contract. Some services may try to add complex clauses giving them the right to charge you an additional amount for cleaning on special conditions. As such, if you don’t read the contract properly, you may end up paying unnecessary amounts as cleaning charges.

3- Check Employees

Only hire cleaning services who run a thorough check on their employees before hiring. Ideally, the employees should not have any criminal or drug related issues. If they do, and they commit any crime or use drugs in your office, then your business can get dragged into the issue.

4- Ask For Employee Insurance

Check if the cleaning service has taken insurance on their workers. The laws require that the employees be properly insured by their employer. If the service sends in an uninsured employee and if they get hurt while cleaning your office, then you may be sued by the worker. Whether they get hurt due to their own inefficiency or a problem in your office is irrelevant. If they get injured and they are not insured, then you will become liable to pay a hefty compensation. And this is why it is important only to hire a cleaning service which has insured its workers. If the service tries to brush off your request of showing employee insurance, then you should stay away from them.

And if you have any cleaning needs for your office, visit https://mersgoodwill.org/ and contact them. With a long list of happy clients and experience backing them, you will get the ideal cleaning service you are looking for.


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