4 Tips for Successful E-Commerce Startup SEO

If you are planning to start an ecommerce business, one of the main focus areas should be on SEO. With the right SEO implementation, your ecommerce web pages can go on to attract thousands of visitors each day through Google and other sources.

Below, we will look at four SEO tips that can help you bring large traffic to your ecommerce website.

‘Buy Online’ Product Tags

When setting up the product pages of your ecommerce store, you must definitely add two words to your product title tags – ‘Buy Online’.  The reason is very simple. When a person is looking to buy something online, then they will use this phrase every time they search on Google. For example, when looking to buy a pair of shoes, a person will normally search with phrases like ‘shoes buy online’, ‘buy good shoes online’ etc. As such, when you put the words ‘Buy Online’ on the product title page, you will increase the chances of the specific product page coming right at the top of your search results.

Product Reviews

Make sure that your product reviews are displayed on the search engine results page. And a good way to do this will be by using schema markup. Doing so will ensure that a five star valuation system is shown alongside your product page snippet in Google’s search results. And when a person who is looking to buy a product sees that one of the result links to an ecommerce site has been rated four or above stars, then their chances of clicking that link and visiting the product page will be very high.

Focus On Mobile

With more people accessing the web through smartphones, it makes sense that you should develop your website and implement SEO practices that will ensure that your website is mobile friendly. In fact, Google has been taking the mobile friendliness of a website into consideration when deciding to rank it in their search results. So, if your website can easily be accessed by anyone on any smartphone or tablet without any performance issues, then your ecommerce website will sure get some brownie points from Google. Check with your website designer as to how to make the website mobile friendly.

301 Redirect

When running an ecommerce store, you will have to move your products to other pages from time to time. And if that product’s page is already indexed by Google, then moving it to another page will result in 404 error. As a result, any user who clicks on the link from Google result page will end up with a page that has no content. This obviously is bad for business. It is to avoid such circumstances that you are advised to use 301 redirects. This will ensure that when the user clicks the link to the expired page, then will be redirected to the new web page which contains the product details.

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