3 Tips to Make your Promotional Marketing Efforts a Success

If you are one of those who have already ordered a fair share of different kinds of promotional products to aid your marketing strategies, you would know that they may either produce good results or bomb totally. In most cases, promoters of small and medium sized business such as yours end up getting caught with the fancies of making good profits and fail to analyze the products they are getting into.

In certain cases, the products so purchased may be totally irrelevant to the products and services on sale, or the quality of products may fail to satisfy customers altogether. Such and other similar mistakes can render the best of promotional marketing efforts unsuccessful, thereby bringing in much lesser returns than expected.

Here are some tips and tricks to avoid promotion killers; they are particularly helpful for the companies that commit errors in the planning or implementation stages of their programs.

1- The Distribution Strategy

More often than not, the conceptualized distribution programs are not fully completed or followed to the hilt. For instance, you may have ordered 200 products to distribute amongst your best customers; however, in some way, you will find that many of these products are still waiting to get into the hands of their willed recipients. This leads to an overall waste of money, time and resources. The problem is best avoided by planning the distribution schedule way in advance and sticking to the same.

2- Good Lead Time

As per experts at promotionswarehouse.com.au, reliable promotional warehouses are capable of delivering their orders on an immediate and urgent basis. The time frames tend to be shorter if the items are in stock. So, if you are planning to go for stocked items as promotional materials you need to give an appropriate lead time to the company providing the same. Never bank on the fact that certain items are in stock and will reach your office well in time for their distribution.

If it is a big event that you are purchasing promotional products for, ensure that the ready products reach your items at least 30-120 days beforehand to avoid last minute distribution stresses. Good lead times are also essential if you are resourcing the promotional products from overseas buyers. A small dose of pessimism is important to make your plans work well. It’s good to account for the possibilities of things going the wrong way and unlike what’s planned so that you can smoothen out the roadmap accordingly and in good time.

3- Stick to What Customers Like to Receive

Instead of trying to create new habits, it is better to opt for products that your existing and perspective customers expect to receive – t-shirts, mugs, pens, books, anything would do as long as they are happy to receive the products and keep connecting them with your brand in future.

Go ahead and notch out clear and specific promotion marketing goals to get the most from your investments in them!

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