3 Profitable Startup Ideas for Phoenix

Known as the “Valley of the Sun” and the capital of the Arizona State, the city of Phoenix is among the most populous city of USA having inhabitants around 1.5 million. The city attracts a large number of tourists due to its natural beauty and climate, also a number of recreational activities and festivals are hosted by the city throughout the year.

With an approximate of 85% day light tourist gets more time to visit the natural attractions in the day light. Due to such a huge number of tourists and favorable business environment Phoenix is the next place to setup your new business.

But starting a new business is not an easy task as you have to deal with number of aspects, from the day one when you think of starting a business to the day it was finally set up and after it to run it smoothly you have to face new challenges at every stage.

So, no matter how favorable business environment is there, don’t think that doing business in Phoenix as an easy thing; you have to come up with new ideas to stand out from the competitors and to add good profit to your income.

1- Car Rental: A number of tourist visit Phoenix, so they prefer renting a car instead of hiring a taxi each time. You can start this business with 2 or 3 cars and can expand this business with your earned profit. You can also make contract with hotels, airport car renting companies and can give your car to them on rent.

2- Spa: As the city has a bit high temperature and soothing activities are always in demand there. A good Spa can be a wonder for people with where people can come and relax and to overcome the tiredness. You can open a spa and offer the best services in the town; you will start getting good number of customers in short span of time.

3- Travel Agent: with one of the busiest airport in USA, having around 1200 flights each day. Most of the people don’t want to get in the hustle of booking flight ticket; here you can play your role as a travel agent. You can start this business if you had a good friends and professional circle. This is a business with a good profit with low investment.

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