3 Easy Tips to Motivate Your Startup Employees

One of the biggest asset of your startup is its employees. The better they are motivated to perform, the faster and bigger your business will grow. But many businesses fail in getting their workers charged up. And if your company is facing difficulties in motivating its employees, the below tips may help you with it.

1- Give Them a Share of Your Success

The easiest way to motivate your employees is to give them a share of the profits of the business. It does not have to be anything large. Just decide a percentage of profits that you will share with the employees as a bonus, say 10%, and distribute it to them, preferably on a monthly basis.  This has two benefits.

Firstly, the prospect of earning more will be strong enough that the employees will look to ensure that not only do they perform well, but that their co-workers are also performing up to the standard.

Secondly, the employees will think twice before leaving your business since your company might be the only place where they earn a share of the profits. Plus, if they feel that the business is going to make even more money in the future, then chances are that they will decide to stick with your company rather than looking for positions elsewhere.

And if you have temporary staff, then make sure that you use a web based contract management software to swiftly calculate and make their payments, including all the performance bonuses.

2- Show Them that You Trust Them

Be sure to let the employees know that you trust them completely. If there is anything that motivates a person more than money, it is the realization that people trust them and look at them to fulfill their duties.

But if you create an environment where the employees feel that they are being constantly watched with suspicion, then their interest in the business will slowly fade away and they will only look at the job as a way to make their salary.

So, give them responsibilities, congratulate them on their performance, trust them with the fate of your business, and they will surely repay you with excellent performance.

3- Non-Business Assignments

Solely focusing on work can drain out the employees and even make them resent their jobs. This is why you must involve them in a few non-work related activities every month. For example, you can take them to a nearby charity organization for a day and involve them in community activities that help the poor people in your neighborhood. This not only relieves them from having to work constantly but will also make them feel good about themselves. And when they return back to work after this short break, they will be motivated to work a lot harder.

In addition to the above, remember to be a good example of what it means to be a committed worker. Employees look up to their managers and business owners. If you are a highly respectable person who is committed to his work and is always involved with the employees, then they too will feel the drive to emulate you and perform well in their respective jobs. But if you are lackluster in your work, then the employees will lose all respect for you and they will also give only limited attention to their work. So, show your employees the right attitude towards work and they will be raring to perform better.

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