Two Bit Circus; the High-Tech Circus Act Receives $6.5M from Intel & Techstars

When it comes to funding a startup, the idea matters most as it’s the reason behind the value that it’s delivering to the masses and one may think circus as a non-fundable startup, but it all went opposite when the modern traveling technological spectacle known as Two Bit Circus has scored $6.5 million dollars in Series A funding.

The group of investors, who contributed to boost the financials of Two Bit Circus include Intel Capital lead by Techstars Ventures and Foundry Group.


twobitcircus02Two Bit Circus is part performance art, part gadget symposium, a roaming exhibit that takes advantage of modern technology, science, and interactivity and morphs it into a live storytelling and educational experience. One of the group’s major projects under the Two Bit Circus umbrella, the Steam Carnival, has a gaming and virtual reality focus. Audience members are exposed to game-based exhibits that use both digital and real-world objects to form a cohesive interactive experience. (Source: VentureBeat)

The funding from this round will push the Steam Carnival concept into a national brand, while also bolstering its virtual reality and game development resources. This will also help build up Two Bit Circus’ conference and event presence.


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