Starting a Theme Café in San Diego; A hospitable Business Idea!

Café business can be an awesome choice in any big city like San Diego, however, you need a little or more investment to get set go. Yes, you need licenses, permits, staff, location and above all something unique that makes your café more desirable place to visit.

People will always love a new place to hang out if it focuses on their favorite theme, so why not to consider a theme café if you have a plan for café business in the city. You may not find this idea in most of the lists of small business ideas for San Diego, but I bet, it can go great!


For instance, a forest theme or something like underwater experience is something that will attract people to visit the place for some quality time, beyond just having a cup of coffee! It will also attract the newbies just to break the curiosity.

Start a cozy and eye-catching café with wonderful menu related to the theme and fans will keep coming. Here are some links that you may help you setting it up!

10 key steps in starting a business in San Diego City.

100 unique restaurant themes.

The basics of choosing a restaurant theme.

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