Passwork; Team Password Manager for Companies and Startups

The Problem: Lost or forgot company passwords, safety, sharing and collaboration hassles.

IT departments, developers, internet marketers, data analysts, small businesses and startups for whom internet plays a vital role in operations, passwords are most important.

However, managing a safe and centralized storage of passwords is neither easy, nor free. Employees may lose or forget company passwords, and sharing may cause security breach. Small business, startups and freelance professionals need something that can securely share passwords within a company while staying in budget.


The Solution: Level up company IT-security, reduces costs and hidden risks of password management.

Passwork simplifies and streamlines work with passwords in a company. Employees will never lose passwords, they can securely store and share them. Company administrators manage and track passwords access. All data is encrypted in your client (browser, apps, plugins), and stored in the cloud — it’s safe and reliable. Passwork is like «Dropbox» for passwords. Users create groups and invite other users. Groups have folders structured with stored passwords. Users can always see the relevant data in their groups.

Passwork is distributed as SaaS and self-hosted solutions. The self-hosted solution comes with auditable source code that is hosted on your servers which guarantees 100% safety with password management within your company.

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