Starting a Theme Café in San Diego; A hospitable Business Idea!

Café business can be an awesome choice in any big city like San Diego, however, you need a little or more investment to get set go. Yes, you need licenses, permits, staff, location and above all something unique that makes your café more desirable place to visit. Read More

Is Foreign Cuisine Restaurant in New York City a Good Business Idea?

Hot dogs, New York-style cheesecake, pizza, bagel, pastrami, Corned beef, Baked pretzels, New York-style Italian ice, Knish, Eggs Benedict, Lobster Newberg, Waldorf Salad, Doughnut, Delmonico steak, Black and white cookie are the most popular cuisine in New York city, but people always love to taste something new! Read More

Starting Up as Startup Advisor in Chicago

When it comes to discussing starting a new business in a big city like Chicago, consulting services have a great potential. The fact is that consultancy business can be really profitable in big cities like Chicago. Read More

Passwork; Team Password Manager for Companies and Startups

The Problem: Lost or forgot company passwords, safety, sharing and collaboration hassles.

IT departments, developers, internet marketers, data analysts, small businesses and startups for whom internet plays a vital role in operations, passwords are most important. Read More

SteamCrate; 10 Awesome Games for a Fraction of the Retail Price

The Problem: Game developers are depressed and demotivated, while the gamer is bored!

With 125 million active gamers and an average of 6.5 million concurrent users within 48 hours, Steam is the biggest platform for PC gamers. But thousands of amazing games remain unnoticed, just because the big players take the market. Read More

PAGEOY; High-Speed Page Creation with 360° Distribution

The Problem: Creating interactive and creative pages by beyond the boundaries of templates.

Creating and distributing interactive pages for the web is something that most of the business professionals and startups need. But as it requires coding or html experience from page creators, either they end up doing nothing or else spend lot of money for small tasks. Read More

Top 5 Mumbai Based Startups to Watch

According to some careful estimates by Angellist, Mumbai hosts more than 500 startups and it’s good to see some of the top Mumbai based startups grab all the fame and fortune.

The bigger problem a startup solves, the more attention it grabs, and there are so many problems to solve in any big city like Mumbai. Read More Acquired Zana, the Startup University has recently acquired, a world-class educational platform for startups. Zana covers educational topics for entrepreneurs including fundraising and product development etc. with video lessons from speakers like Steve Blank and Matt Mullenweg.

Zana was created by Shea Tate-Di Donna who previously developed the well-regarded “True University” to help educate 150 portfolio companies on the best practices for starting a company. Read More

mParticle Raised $15M in a Series A Round

A New York City based startup mParticle has recently raised $15 million in a Series A round which was led by Social Capital (formerly known as The Social+Capital Partnership).

Though the funding was first revealed in a regulatory filing last month, it’s officially announced yesterday on the company blog. The startup is opening a San Francisco office and will continue to invest in product development. Read More

Baidu to Invest In Zomato, BookMyShow And Big Basket

Baidu, China’s largest search engine is all ready to grab a good market in India by buying stakes in Zomato, BookMyShow, and BigBasket.

To make this dream come true, the company has already been into dialogue with each of them as revealed by Tim Yang, the general manager of Baidu India. He sad so in an interview to the Times of India. Read More