How Email Marketing Automation Can Take Your Startup to the Next Level

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies as the ROI on email marketing is higher than any other mode of digital marketing. However, it’s not just about sending out email blasts and sit back to see the results. Email marketing is rather a complete art in itself and you need to have a foolproof strategy to acquire targeted subscribers and keep them engaged in positive way. Read More

How to Choose the Target Audience for Your Startup Marketing Plan

If you are a startup owner or even a marketer working with a startup, it’s very easy for you to imagine that the whole world will love your products. In fact more of founders have this habit and not the marketers, but since the founders are leading the team and are the decision makers, they can influence the marketers’ point easily. Read More

6 Digital Marketing Gurus Startups Should Follow on Twitter

Effective marketing is a must for the survival of just any startup; at times not really unique ideas grab major market share just because they nailed it at marketing. While in other case, tens of highly valuable ideas go to trash, just because they didn’t have good marketing strategy! Read More

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Dry Cleaning Business from Home?

To run a startup or small business, you do not necessarily need a high tech- business idea. A small idea that solves a common problem can be a big success, for instance, clothing needs to be cleaned regularly and a home based dry cleaning service can make good money. Read More

10 Steps to Optimize Your Startup Website for Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization is one among the way to increase your business online in the promising online world. Your website design is wonderful, and you offer the best offer in the market, but still you are not able to do business…. why is this???? Read More

Hair & Beauty Salon Startup Checklist

In order to make your hair salon startup a success, a concrete business plan should be your first and foremost concern. It’s though not difficult to have one, but if you’re first time entrepreneur, you may not know where and how to start. Read More

How to Make a Small Town Grow?

Small towns are equally lucrative business spots as big cities are and so the booming businesses if taken to small towns or rural areas, can actually be the best way to make a small town grow.  Read More; Helping Indian Consumers Finding the Best Products at Best Price

India is an emerging market, where online shopping trend is growing faster than ever before. A wide variety of shopping websites are emerging on almost daily basis in India. This hyper economic activity is awesome, but at the same time, so many shopping websites are making the buyers more confusing. Every other retailer has all the lucrative offers and deals and consumer is often lost and stays undecided. Read More

Startup Investing: Funding the Future

Startup investing is a hot trend for last few years and we have seen a huge rise in angel investors. Asset allocation and profit potential are obviously the main reasons for investing in startups, but angel investors are now thinking beyond this. Read More

5 B2B Content Marketing Tips Every Startup Must Follow

Qualified leads are the lifeblood of any B2B company; because, only quality leads take the interest to next level and conversion happens. Moreover, the more qualified lead a B2B business receives, the higher chances are that this lead will bring more referral business! Read More