How to Setup a Budget Beauty Shop in San Francisco

Normally, the idea of beauty shop is common among beauty parlors and salons that want to maximize their profits, simply by filling the shelves with catchy products, and it’s quite good too. If you already have a beauty parlor, adding up cosmetics sales will require the only investment in products. And even you can eliminate that cost too, by being affiliate of manufacturers, i.e. you display their products in your shelves for free and get paid a certain commission when they are sold!

Now coming to a specific case when you do not have a parlor, you can always sell this stuff online. You might have explored too many small business ideas for San Francisco, which can be done online, right from your home, then why not an online beauty shop?

Simply, setup a Facebook page, upload pictures and descriptions with pricing, run some ads to market your products, receive orders and deliver them! If you want to minimize the investment and want the supplier to deliver directly to the customer, you can always choose for drop shipping option!


Once, you’re in a smooth business, you can always get a website!

To be indifferent, make sure that the products you are selling are not easily available in supermarkets, so try foreign brands… Also make it cost effective with bundle offers, i.e. bundle offers are very attractive for buyers, while it results as huge sales volume for the seller.

So, are you ready? Do check the following resources to make sure that your beauty startup is built the right way!

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