Education Counseling; A Rewarding Small Business Ides for Philadelphia

Philadelphia is known to be one the leading centers for higher education in the United States. Along with vast options of institutes for students to choose amongst, one might certainly find himself stuck in deciding where to head, whether University of the Arts or Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. If the option of University of Pennsylvania is the best Ivy league university form him or not.

If you’re a resident in Philadelphia having expertise in career counseling you might have gone through some small business ideas for Philadelphia but with such a wonderful opportunity to guide young talented people into deciding which institute would probably be the best for them might, just be the sort of business you should start!

You could also provide the students with virtual visits to various institutes. One thing to be noted here is the fact that many foreign students also come to these institutes without much prior knowledge about some things.


You could always expand your work by having a website that aids students worldwide and provide them with information about the institutes. Giving adequate guidance and counseling them could also done online.

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