6 Digital Marketing Gurus Startups Should Follow on Twitter

Effective marketing is a must for the survival of just any startup; at times not really unique ideas grab major market share just because they nailed it at marketing. While in other case, tens of highly valuable ideas go to trash, just because they didn’t have good marketing strategy!

If you are a startup looking to take your business to the next level, you must explore all available effective marketing strategies for startups.

Well, this something not that easy to do, and you cannot devise a fool proof marketing strategy without sound market knowledge, skills and strong marketing ideas. But the good thing is that you can learn all these. The more knowledgeable people you’ll surround yourself with, the faster the learning will be, and what else can be a better idea than following gurus over Twitter, and skimming through their daily updates.

Here’s my list of 10 best digital marketing experts that every startup must follow:

1- Rand Fishkin for better search engine optimization of your business.

2- Tabitha Naylor for her expertise in curating interesting, timely, and relevant content for sales and marketing people.

3- Ann Handley for her in depth knowledge and expertise in content marketing industry.

4- Shelly Kramer for her vast experience in branding strategies especially using social media and content marketing.

5- Danny Sullivan – another search guru with close to half a million followers whom he entertains with latest news about Google, Bing, or other search engines and his expert opinion on various search matters.

6- Dharmesh Shah – the founder of Hubspot has an experienced insider’s point of view on all things marketing, but also startups, entrepreneurism, and funding, so do follow him to know the fast track to growth!

There are hundreds of experts in the digital marketing industry who can do the magic, but listing them all at once is not really possible. Follow the above and I am sure, you’ll get food for thought on daily basis which is surely going to help in taking your startup to the next level!

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